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I've had a livejournal since the dawn of time. My member number only has six digits, bitches. However, since my first post, my life has changed so as to be almost completely unrecognisable.

I read more than is good for my social life. I'm a university student, and as such I go to class, do my homework, eat a lot of canned food, drink a lot of beer, and own a smoke-rolling machine. Jon Stewart is something of a personal manifesto generator.

The last ten years of my life have essentially been one long character-building exercise. A good portion of that journey is detailed in these archived posts. If you stumble upon this and recognize me, just remember that I was a late bloomer.

At one point I used to design livejournal icons; some of them were quite good if I do say so myself. They can be found at my old icon journal, surrealityicons, or at my half-finished graphics webpage.

I write, but ninety percent of it will never see the light of day and would probably shrivel up and die if it did. Most of my readable stuff is here at my fanfiction.net account. At one point, some friends and I had a decently good roleplay campaign put together; though they are all inactive now, the journals still exist. Here are the main ones, with a good bit of quality multiplayer writing:
ezri_tigan_dax (from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
rhapsody_muses (a collection of secondary muses)
weyoun_nine (from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
agent_melanin (Original character, from the PPC. Reformed 'Sue.)
tomato_bob (from Veggie Tales. Yeah, don't ask.)

I also founded sexy_vulcans and golden_wood a while back. The first is a Vulcan-lusting community, which seems to be running along fine with little maintenance, but the second, an icon challenge, went inactive when I lost computer access for a few months. Buttons:

And...that's about it. Enjoy. If you friend me, I'll probably friend back. HUG ME!

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